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Back Pain Prevention: Moving Dos & Don’ts

Survive Moving Day without Back Pain

Moving house is a stressful, strenuous task filled with physical demands, such as lifting heavy book boxes, large, solid wood furniture, or large pieces of art. The constant up and down motion of picking something up, moving it somewhere else, and then putting it back down, certainly takes its toll on your back, joints, and arm. But there are steps you can take to prevent back pain or serious injury while lifting heavy items.

lower back painFor starters, its important to understand the importance of pacing yourself and knowing your limits. Moving is long, slow work, and rushing puts unnecessary strain on your body. Lift each box slowly, and take your time. Use your knees and muscles, not your back.

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Back Pain from Moving Boxes

Lift Smart – From the Knees, Not the Waist

One of the leading causes of back pain is bending at the waist while repeatedly lifting heavy things. This is absolutely terrible for your spine!

Lift with Your Knees Not Your Back

When picking up or putting down a heavy box, you must bend from the knees to reduce strain. Did you know that lower back pain is second only to the flu as the most common reason for going to the doctor? That’s because most of us have poor posture while lifting.

Lower yourself into a squatting position before picking up a box, with your feet shoulder-width apart. This distributes the weight of the box or furniture piece that you are moving, and gives your body much-needed support as you stand up.

Position yourself as close to the box as possible, holding it next to your body as you stand. Try not to bend, twist, or lean forward as you stand up.

Bring the box down the same way you picked it up by again lowering yourself slowly into a squatting position. You should feel the resistance in your abs and legs, instead of your lower back.

Hiring Movers to Lift Boxes for You

Yes, moving costs money, and lifting on your own can save you some green, but medical expenses cost even more then movers if you injure yourself. If you’re looking at a large four to five bedroom move, and are short of friendly volunteers to offer a helping hand, it is absolutely worth it to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Movers come equipped with dollies, hand trucks and back braces to bear the brunt of the work with relative ease. How about assisting with packing or disassembling furniture to save time and lower costs instead? Your back – and your wallet – will thank you.

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